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Hotel Hjallerup Kro offers group prices

Hotel Hjallerup Kro is a real provincial hotel with a true and cosy inn atmosphere and high quality inn meals where all the food is made from the bottom up with fresh raw ingredients. With its 24 rooms, Hotel Hjallerup Kro is a small, intimate and manageable hotel and a place where you will be remembered and feel at home. 

Hjallerup is located by route 180 between Aalborg and Frederikshavn and has a strong association life, which attracts concerts to the town and operates the local cinema. In Hjallerup you will also find the Pastor Laier Museum and Hjallerup Mechanical Museum where you will also find the beautiful outdoor work of art, EKKO.

On the way to Dronninglund is Denmark's only lavender farm - Lavendelbo - which offers a farm store and guided tours. Taking just 20 minutes to drive to Aalborg, going on an excursion to the town is an obvious choice to enjoy the town's many opportunities for experiences and shopping.

Twenty kilometres towards the east is Asaa and Asaa Harbour, which has a beach and a small fishing village. If you love roller coasters and spending pleasant times with the family, then Fårup Sommerland is worth visiting for the day. Skagen is another option, which is only one hour away.